PC6 treats nausea

The acupoint PC6 / nei guan is a point I use quite often, as its scope of action is broad, and its effectiveness powerful.  I use it most often for stress and anxiety associated with muscular tension or digestive disturbance, but it may perhaps be best known for its nausea reducing, anti-emetic (stop vomiting) action. In Chinese medicine terminology, this point downbears counterflow qi and harmonizes the stomach, and is the “command point” of the chest: I routinely use acupressure on this point on a family member who gets a stuck sensation in their throat sometimes when eating. Indeed, you can find sea-sickness bracelets in your local pharmacy which work by applying pressure at this very point.  It is so consistently effective that repeated trials on this point have led some insurance providers to cover acupuncture in the treatment nausea in post-operative and chemotherapy care.

Here is a link to a study on PC6 for treatment of post operative nausea and vomiting: http://www.anesthesia-analgesia.org/content/112/4/819.abstract

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