Acupuncture for weight loss

Here is a link to an article on WebMD that mentions acupuncture for weight loss:  Acupuncture weight loss manhattan NY, NYC,

The first thing most rational people will think is “how the heck can being stuck with needles cause me to lose weight?” Admittedly, this seems like a giant claim.

So let me begin by stating that acupuncture is not magic; it is an empirical, scientifically documented technique that causes measurable effects locally and systemically. Locally (the area where the needles are placed), acupuncture increases circulation, reduces inflammation and pain, and expedites the body’s healing process.  Systemically, it regulates neuro-hormonal balance in the central nervous system.  The central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord) is comparable to the central processing unit of a computer; it is the central command station through which all processes in your body originate. This explains how acupuncture is used for internal medicine from asthma to digestive disorders; by influencing the central nervous system, one can effect virtually any organ, bowel, or process.

One way that acupuncture helps weight loss is by controlling cravings and binge eating.  When you experience a strong craving or eat because of stress and anxiety, this can be traced back to some level of unregulated neural activity in key areas of the brain related to stress, appetite, and impulsive behavior (simply put).  Proper acupuncture treatments can specifically target influence into the areas of imbalanced brain activity, thereby eliminating stress, anxiety, and the resultant binge eating.

Aside from the above aspect, acupuncture can subtly adjust the body’s basal metabolic rate. This is understood as rectifying the “root” constitutional imbalance, and it becomes more relevent when dealing with chronic conditions of obesity where stress and cravings are not the problem.  It is to this root-rectifying effect that taking the proper herbal formula is a necessary component of most weight-loss plans.

And of course, proper diet and excercise is key.  Acupuncture will help reduce cravings, but one must understand their body type and why certain foods are helpful or harmful, and to what extant.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dietetic guidelines support the body’s correct balance and augment your natural weight-shedding power.

Wise doctors work with people that take responsibility for their own health first.  If a person is not ready to walk the metaphorical path of health and balance, the best assistance the doctor can offer is drugs to mask the problems; amphetamines for weight loss, liposuction, ect.  These types of interventions may give immediate results, but they will not address the root problem causing excess weight, not to mention the harmful side effects of abusing drugs and surgery in the long-term.  So if a person truly wants to maintain a healthy body weight, they must be prepared to adjust their lifestyle and diet in addition to acupuncture and herbal therapy.

Here are the first steps to losing weight the natural, safe way: 

  • Declare the intention to begin losing weight coupled with symbolic ritual.
  • Begin treatments with an acupuncturist who will give you dietary and lifestyle guidelines, and start you on an herbal formula.
  • Exercise: Do qi gong or tai chi excercises every day, and do a strenuous activity that you enjoy (like playing a sport) which makes you break a sweat and raises your heart rate and breathing, at least twice a week or according to what your doctor reccomends.
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